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Turmeric and honey: The strongest antibiotic that even doctors can not explain

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Turmeric and honey: The strongest antibiotic that even doctors can not explain

While the use of conventional antibiotics is often excessive and exaggerated, natural remedies such as honey and turmeric are in many ways superior to antibiotics.



Unlike conventional antibiotics, honey effectively combats infections without causing resistant bacteria. A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases found that honey destroyed all the bacteria or pathogens it was tested for. The researchers found that it can be applied topically (locally) (ie directly to wounds) and taken internally or orally (all studies at the end of the article).

Dr.Dee Carter from the University of Sydney explains:

“Our research is the first to clearly show that these honey-based products can in many cases replace antibiotic creams on wounds and devices such as catheters. The use of honey as an intermediate treatment could also extend the life of antibiotics. ”

Important: The information does not replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized physicians. The contents of can not and should not be used to independently diagnose or start treatment.    

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