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Coronavirus: Black Light Images Show How Important It’s Now To Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Corona Virus

Coronavirus: Black Light Images Show How Important It’s Now To Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

A number of recent photos have appeared on social media, showing the importance of washing your hands properly.

As the Coronavirus, also known officially as ‘Covid-19’, continues to spread around the world, health organizations are asking people to take basic protective measures to contain the spread of the deadly disease, including and especially hand washing.

While it may seem obvious, the following black light photos show that there is a difference between hand washing and thorough hand washing.

American actress Kristen Bell shared a collage of six pictures on Instagram that show the difference between unwashed hands and hands washed with soap for 30 seconds.

“My mother sent me the comparison to washing my hands with the black light photos. 30 SECONDS WITH SOAP, SEE HERE !!! ”is Bell’s caption.

Each of the six photos shows how many bacteria were on a woman’s hand using black light and a cream called Glo-Germ, a mineral oil that sticks to germs and is only visible under UV light.

The pictures show the hands in various stages of cleanliness, including “before washing”, after washing “only with water”, after “six seconds and without soap” and “30 seconds with soap”.

The first photos show that a large number of bacteria had been left behind, and although they are more similar, there was also a clear difference between a 15-second wash with soap and a 30-second wash.

The Instagram post published on Bell’s Instagram page has since collected more than 428,000 likes and received thousands of comments from people, many of whom are parents who plan to show the photos to their children.

“I can well imagine what my five-year-old’s hands look like under this thing,” commented one person.

Another added: “I’ll show it all to my kids, hopefully it works.”

According to the general recommendation of the health authorities, we should all wash our hands for at least 20 seconds, or as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

Moisturize your hands with water before applying enough soap to cover your hands and rub them together.

The right technique should be to rub the back of the other hand with one hand and clean between the fingers before rubbing the back of the fingers against the palms.

It is recommended to wash your hands after using the toilet, before and after handling raw food, before eating or handling food, and after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing.

You can find more information on correct hand washing in the video here:

Canada’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Made Is Now In Testing Stages

Important: The information does not replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized physicians. The contents of can not and should not be used to independently diagnose or start treatment.    

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